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About Us   In the early 80s, almost 30 years…

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Our Boats SPEEDY MARINE Model: SPEEDY 500 Length 5.10μ - Width 2.10μ…

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East Coast   The east coast is ideal for even…

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West Coast The west coast can offer a unique experience…

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Antipaxos Just five minutes south of Paxos lays the enchanting…

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West Coast

The west coast can offer a unique experience of exploring the most isolated parts of the island, revealing impressive rock formations, caves and deserted beaches. The stories that take you from Neptune and Amphitrite to talks about pirates, to the end of the Second World War and Papanikolis cave.WestCoast WestCoast

176Immediately after Lakka, you will come across the lighthouse of Lakka and Plani beach. The landscape then changes dramatically and steep vertical cliffs appear. Ipapantis cave at the bottom of the gulf of Kastanida makes a unique landscape, large enough for small boats and yachts to enter the cave. It is said that somehow it communicates with the Church of Ypapanti. In the Second World War Papanikolis’ submarine found shelter there, as did seals, since the cave was a perfect environment for them.

Immediately after, the great cliffs of Erimitis with its breathtaking depth, being the newest beach on the island that was formed from a landslide of the cliff, painting the waters with a blue color.

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Moving on, the cistern, still running now, which in the past served the residents need for water. The gulf in Achai is the place for those who love to anchor and enjoy a swim in three unique caves and a tiny beach providing an opportunity for total relaxation. Then we meet Ortholithos, the cave of an impressive rock formation that is as if it emerges from the sea to capture the eye of the visitor. Continuing south we pass by the beach Aulaki to get to the beach Galazio and from there to reach Camara.



Right here nature has created an impressive arch in the sea while in the distance before us is the island of Antipaxos. Shortly before leaving the west coast a series of three small caves known as the Blue Caves, named because of the reflections that the sun creates inside them. This is the perfect place to stop for a refreshing swim and observe the many interesting rock formations.

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