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About Us   In the early 80s, almost 30 years…

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Our Boats SPEEDY MARINE Model: SPEEDY 500 Length 5.10μ - Width 2.10μ…

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East Coast   The east coast is ideal for even…

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West Coast The west coast can offer a unique experience…

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Antipaxos Just five minutes south of Paxos lays the enchanting…

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About Us


In the early 80s, almost 30 years ago we started off with a few small boats with outboard engines of 8, 10 and 15 horsepower. We were able to offer a truly unique opportunity to the visitors of Paxos to escape and explore even the most hidden parts of this island.


Throughout the years, armed with the valuable experience we gained, we are able to offer high quality services with new boats and engines adapted to the individual needs of our clients and suited to their experience. Our main concern, knowing every inch of this beautiful place, is to offer our customers the possibility to discover the most beautiful corners of Paxos.




We offer information about the most popular parts of the island and advice on how to access the many off the beaten track routes. We are located in the picturesque harbour of Loggos, which offers many opportunities for rest and relaxation just to observe the beauty of the island, whether for a refreshment at a cafe next to the beautiful beach or at one of the taverns serving traditional Greek cuisine and fresh fish.

The handling of our boats is relatively easy and there is no prerequisite to have a license since this is not a requirement for boats up to 30hp. Before your departure, we will provide you with all the necessary instructions and practice in handling and maneuvering the boat to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

Boats can be rented from 9am to 6pm always in consultation with the owner. The boats are fully equipped with all necessary rescue equipment enforced by the Law, and examined in detail by the Port Authority of Paxos each year to ensure that they are in excellent condition. To hire a boat it is necessary to provide an ID card or an equivalent official document.  Additionally, the customer must be over 18 years old. We also provide insurance to third parties. During the busy months of July and August it is advisable that you pre-book to secure your choice of boat and enjoy a more convenient service.


Paxos Boat Hire
+30 6972274946

Loggos - Paxos 49082


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